10 Cool Ways to Use Chalk Pastels Hodgepodge

Combining Chalk Pastels and Cream Pastels A Fast and Fun Demo to Try

Composing a painting is all about editing whether you are working from life a photo or your imagination; we are making descisons about what to leave in what to leave out what to enhance and what to make up We have to figure out where things go and what size they are We have to figure out where things sit in the imaginary space we are creating All this seems simple enough on the surface but with the mutlitude of choices available to us its usually pretty hard to pick and choose I try to keep my eye on what is it that attracted me to a certain scene in the first place and keep working towards that I try to put everything into service of my overarching idea for my piece So I have to have that first! If I don t have it usually my piece will fall apart at some point Here are a few examples of paintings and their original photo reference to help illustrate what I mean I try to keep in mind that I m making a painting that is independent of the reference when it is completed I may make a nod to that initial reference point or it might be more faithful but it is not necessary to refer to it at all once the painting is done I m not trying to improve on nature but I am trying to make good paintings!

Pastel timelapse on how to paint trees and water Full real time lessons available!

Late November Pastel artwork

We hope you will find the above tips and ideas useful in creating beautiful chalk pastel artworks

Elenatatkina pastel


How to Paint a Tree with Pastels

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